Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Pinteresting 2014 New Year!

Hey friends – real and virtual!  I’m hoping you’re off to a great start on your New Year’s resolutions!  I am!  I’m relaxing and enjoying my Christmas gift from my son and our NEW daughter–in-law!  It is a Slingbox!  Now you’re probably thinking “mm what’s the big deal?”  Picture this:  Living without American TV shows – movies, soaps, Home and Garden shows, reality TV, and yes commercials too! We are absolutely loving it!

But I’m also, organizing my Pinterest boards and decided to share what I have! Here are some picture tiles of my boards.  If you find anything and decide there’s too much to pin then send me an email and I’ll send you an invite to add you onto my collaborative boards. My boards consist of education, travel, recipes, creative snacks, and lots of miscellaneous stuff! Currently I have over 100 boards.

Have to say that Pinterest got me out of critical condition and am now down from three filing cabinets to one!  Thanks to Pinterest I have been able to throw many items away and has put me into the 21st century!


Would love to see what you are all up to so go link up for this month’s  Currently! Here's mine!

Have a great week back with your little ones!



  1. Jenn, I am SO impressed that you were able to get your comment posted! I have gotten so many emails telling me my comment section and google docs links don't work and here my NEW DAUGHTER-IN-LAW was able to!!! LOL!

  2. Love your pinterest boards!! I'm going there next to Follow!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin!!

    Kathy O
    Third Grade Doodles

    1. Thanks, so much Kathy! I just tagged you too! Come by and visit anytime! I'm just across the pond! LOL!

  3. I love looking at Pinterest but not good at managing boards, pins, etc. That's one thing I plan to experiment with more this year. You have some nice boards!! :)