Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sale, Oh My!

Guess What? Every single resource in my store will be 20% off!

Awesome, right?!

It gets even better. If you use the promo code FEBSALE, TPT will give you an additional 5% off! That is a total of 25% off of all of my resources, including bundles.

This amazing offer will only be available Tuesday, Feb. 4 and Wednesday, Feb. 5! You need to be quick. So how about getting your cart ready now?

Click HERE to start picking out amazing resources for your classroom.

Not sure where to start?
Here are a few of my very favorite resources:

This resource will teach your students about cultural diversity. Students will learn the meaning of culture and what makes cultures diversed. 

 Are you looking for ways to keep your class engaged and focused before the end of the school year? You can use this safari around the school yard or even inside the classroom on a rainy day. In celebration of the end of a yearlong school adventure, this animal safari activity can be used as a culmination of fun activities where the students are given clues and riddles about animals they need to hunt.
Animals in winter is a perfect resource for project-based learning. Let your students explore the wonders of how animals use different strategies to survive changes in their environment.

Exploring Native American soon? This project-based learning unit is filled with engaging activities and facts. The aim is to encourage students to explore the topic for an extended period.

 Let your students dive into the fascinating world of zoo animals. This project-based learning unit contains everything you need to help your students to learn about animals that live in the zoo as well as what kind of environment they come from.

AND finally any of my country fact booklets which can be found in my store!  

I hope this helps you to get your cart ready for the big sale! Let me know if you have any questions.

Click HERE to head to my store.

Happy shopping!

P.S. Remember that the sale is only Tuesday and Wednesday!

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