Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Valentine's Day products

This Valentine’s Day take the opportunity to celebrate different types of love. The holiday is usually linked with romantic love but exploring other kinds of relationships is beneficial. Encouraging kids to mark and show kindness to friends and family members is important. Also, you can teach your kids about self-love and self-esteem. When you love and respect yourself, you set an example for how others should treat you.

Use the resource “Everybody Loves You” to engage your kids in activities that explore ways to care for others. Read the book “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch” by Eileen Spinelli and use the storybook activities to help you keep the lesson focused. The resource makes planning easier and kids love the included activities that help them explore the topics in the book. Mr. Hatch is lonely but one Valentine's Day someone sends him a box of candy. It turns out that this is a mistake but his new friends show him that he is loved after all.

Add a fun twist to Math, English, Science and Art lessons by including Valentine activities. Teach number sense up to the number twenty by using a resource with a lovely heart theme. Help your kids to stay focused by using a Digital Rotation Timer for Centers with a Valentine's Day Theme. Boom digital task cards with a Valentine’s Day theme are a great way to capture kids’ attention. They will love watching an image emerge as they work through the task cards filled with counting and addition challenges.

Are you planning a reading activity? There is a set of Valentine’s Day Boom color by code with reading activities. Color by code is always popular and if you prefer there is also the option to use a PDF file. Print out the cute reading challenges and display the finished items in the classroom. A finished color-by-code drawing can also be sent home.

Valentine’s Day celebrations can be made extra special by including drawing and craft activities. Directed drawing resources provide kids with wonderful learning opportunities. They love using their skills to make gifts for friends and family.

Finally, Hearty Animal Crafts is perfect if you are looking for Valentine's activity that combines scissor skills with learning about animals. The finished animals make a beautiful gift. Valentine's Day is such a special day so make sure you fill it with memorable as well as educational heart-filled activities.

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