Thursday, January 12, 2023

Winter Animals

Winter is an exciting time in the animal world! Kids love learning about their favorite animals during the cooler months. Animals have clever plans to endure changes in temperature. A project-based learning unit, PBL, is an inviting way to encourage students to explore how animals use different ways to survive in their environment. 

Reading and writing about animal adaptations in a context makes it easy for even young children to grasp the variety of ways that animals prepare for the colder months. You can begin the project by exploring the differences between winter and summer from the point of view of different animals. Look at the food sources, how an animal tries to blend into the environment and how animals deal with warm and cool weather. The PBL resource contains, two animals that hibernate, two animals that migrate, and two animals that adapt. A perfect resource to use as an introduction for young children.

The Animals in Winter Fact Booklet provide kids with opportunities to learn about how animals prepare for and survive by adapting their bodies and behavior. Some animals even adapt both their bodies and behaviors to survive. Observing the world around us is the core of science and directed drawing is a remarkable easy-to-use activity that helps kids to look closely at animals.

Nurture a love of the natural world by planning engaging Winter Animal activities. Save yourself hours of prep time and check out these seasonal resources in my shop. 

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