Saturday, September 24, 2016

A House Becomes a Home!

The summer has come and gone and DoDDS teachers spent it by traveling, visiting in the states or simply looking at paint colors, bathroom fixtures, and flooring.  One of us is building a house in the states and the other is building a house in Germany. Who knew there could be so many variances when building a house in different countries? Especially with all the city codes, yikes! But we both know that the end result will be great and neither one of us can wait to move into our new abodes.

It is a good thing we spent some time talking about buildings with our classes this past year. We were able to recognize the vehicles used and some of the processes for building a house due to our previous study on buildings.  Our end results will not be as grand, but definitely more permanent!

American House:  

German Haus:

STEM House Building Project: 

The Three Pigs are trying their best to build a house that will protect them from the Big Bad Wolf. For their STEM building project, they were given materials such as cardboard, tape, craft sticks, popsicle sticks, cereal boxes, or pipe cleaners – anything that would promote creativity and solution of the problem! Check out some of the creations!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Travel Destination: Italy

There are many thoughts brought to mind at the mention of Italy. Great food: pasta, risotto, and tiramisu; great architecture: Piazza San Marco, the Sistine Chapel, and the Tower of Pisa; great art: Birth of Venus by Botticelli, David by Michelangelo, and the Last Supper by Leonardo. These are just a few of these greats, many which are results of the renaissance.

What is the renaissance? Renaissance is defined as “the activity, spirit or time of the great revival of art, literature and learning…”( What a great idea to bring to the classroom! Teachers of young children are always introducing great books, ideas and people in the classroom. So add a twist and have a renaissance in your classroom. Just don’t forget to include the pizza and gelato!


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