Monday, May 27, 2013

Down to the Wire!

I guess everyone is wrapping up another successful year of teaching!  So much to do in so little time! I'm sure you all are trying to get the last teaching in as well as trying to find a spare minute to sort, file, clean!!!  What do you have your kids do? I finally decided to have the kids work on skills that needed extra reinforcement and that's when I came up with these two products:  Now What? Each one addresses working with long vowel sounds /a/ and /e/.  To view, click here.

Now What? Long "E" Vowel Activities
Now What?  Long "A" Vowel Activities

Speaking of all the activities, deadlines, paperwork that need to get done, it's always important  to acknowledge our parent volunteers!  My kids will be working on their volunteer gifts this week so I don't have pictures to post; however, I do have pictures of the Safari picture albums I like to give to each of my wonderful volunteers.When I'm visiting the states in the summer, I place my order of new albums!  Aren't they cute!  Sandra changes them up every year and this is the format she used this year.  If you have any questions email her - she's the best one to ask how they are made.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

End of Year, Already?

As I sit here preparing for my annual Animal Safari, I realized school may be ending in the states and I may be too late in sharing this fun activity! I was hoping I could share some of my animal activities that tie in with my classroom theme in chronological order but the end of year will have to do for starters!
In celebration of the end of a yearlong school adventure, this animal safari activity can be a culmination of fun activities where the students are given clues and riddles about animals they need to hunt. Based on the descriptions and behaviors, the students will be able to identify the animals. This fun end of year activity is comprised of map skills, the use of the compass (optional), following directions, and fun animal facts!

For directions to this freebie activity click here! If it’s something you may like, please email me for more animal clues/riddles or for the editable version of it! The next activity I hope to share is my Migration Program –so until next time!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Look!

Hey All!
Check out my new look!  I absolutely love it!  My new look  is credited to the Great Bunch over at the HoneyBunch!  They were great to work with and put up with my "lost in translation" due to German keyboards & URL's!!!  But they did it!  Go check them out!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm TheBeezyTeacher and I have been a lurker for many years.  I've gotten so many great teaching ideas from so many talented educators.  Now, it’s my turn to give back !  I live and work in Germany and am looking forward to sharing my teaching and traveling journeys with other educators around the world.  I hope that other overseas teachers will be encouraged to join us!  Check out my "All About Me" link to read more about me.  I hope to share pictures of where I live, teach, and travel and answer questions about how I came to be here for over 20 years!