Monday, May 27, 2013

Down to the Wire!

I guess everyone is wrapping up another successful year of teaching!  So much to do in so little time! I'm sure you all are trying to get the last teaching in as well as trying to find a spare minute to sort, file, clean!!!  What do you have your kids do? I finally decided to have the kids work on skills that needed extra reinforcement and that's when I came up with these two products:  Now What? Each one addresses working with long vowel sounds /a/ and /e/.  To view, click here.

Now What? Long "E" Vowel Activities
Now What?  Long "A" Vowel Activities

Speaking of all the activities, deadlines, paperwork that need to get done, it's always important  to acknowledge our parent volunteers!  My kids will be working on their volunteer gifts this week so I don't have pictures to post; however, I do have pictures of the Safari picture albums I like to give to each of my wonderful volunteers.When I'm visiting the states in the summer, I place my order of new albums!  Aren't they cute!  Sandra changes them up every year and this is the format she used this year.  If you have any questions email her - she's the best one to ask how they are made.


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