Sunday, February 12, 2023

Dental Health Month

How do you support kids’ dental care?  Activities or a longer project about dental health can with engaging resources be both educational and fun.  Sadly, tooth decay is a prevalent childhood disease and motivating kids, as well as parents, is important to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Healthy teeth are an asset for kids and poor oral health can cause pain and increase the risk of dental infections. Brushing up kids' knowledge and understanding of dental hygiene at a young age is important.

Learning appropriate vocabulary is essential to ensure that kids understand advice about how to protect their teeth. Combining drawing activities with looking for information about facts about teeth and what to expect when you visit a dentist is a great starting point. Start small and positive and keep things fun so that kids look forward to taking care of their teeth. Look at basics such as brushing and flossing. Using a toothbrush to paint is a great way to make some special art while learning how to use a toothbrush. 

Learning about a healthy smile from the perspective of an animal is a lovely twist. There is a wide range of books about visits to dentists and teeth. Reading a book about a crocodile who visits a dentist or a bear’s loose tooth is the perfect introduction to a session about healthy smiles.  Use craftivities to support the understanding of healthy smiles. Story writing and crafts ranging from making a toothbrush flip book to a tooth fairy can be mixed with math and reading activities. If you a looking for something special for Dental Health Month I have made a design resource. Designing and creating a Dental Office is such fun. Easy hands-on design projects are a great way to boost your kids’ confidence and allow them to create with joy, wonder and awe!

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