Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things ARE bigger in Texas!

After leaving Oklahoma and returning to TEXAS for a family wedding, we stopped at a place called Buc-ee's.  OMG!  OMG!  What an incredibly large store, gas station, rest stop!  I know these pictures don't do justice but imagine an airplane runway - YES! it is that long!  We loved it and wrote home (Germany) about it!

Only three days left for the I Teach K conference and am looking forward to meeting teachers from the USA! 
Be on the look out for a few back to school patterns that can help you set up your classroom! See pictures below of some of the patterns! 
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While you're there please check out my Fall Math Journal, as well!


  1. Hi!!! Great to hear from you!! Have a great time at the conference! Would love to go to a conference soon : )


  2. Thank you so much Kelli! I hope that our paths will meet up so we can share our traveling/teaching experiences overseas!