Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm not in Kansas! I'm in Vegas!!

Can I say it again?  I am in Vegas!

Well folks I made it to Vegas without a hitch and am so excited to be here.  It’s so refreshing to see all the lights by night when you have travelled days through desert terrain in West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  But along the way we saw so many interesting and exciting things that I want to share on my blog for my friends across the pond.  I’m sure this isn’t very exciting for you all here in the states, but rest assure I will be sharing future pictures of travels through Europe!

First priority is to get checked in and then it’s registration time for the I Teach K conference!

Then I’ll be meeting Amy from Teaching in Blue Jeans, Elizabeth from Live it, love it, learn it blog, Holly from kindergarten connection blog and a few others.  We plan to meet up for dinner at one of the restaurants in the Venetian Hotel.  I can’t wait to pick their brains.  I’m apologizing now, ladies!  
For now, be on the look out for a 20% sale on my unit on Working With Shapes next week! 

My Number Art product will also be 20% off and is perfect for the beginning of school!
I hope to find time to blog about all the happenings and teachers I meet over the next four days!  Wish me luck! 

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