Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodbye USA!

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard – these words ring a bell – I believe they were written by Thomas Meeha?

My time in the states has officially ended and I’m headed for home after a wonderful visit to the states! I’m on my way to Germany and I’m excited that I’m headed home to my bed and wonderful home while sad to leave family, new friends behind.  I’ve met some great people and experienced so many great events while attending the I Teach K Conference in Las Vegas! 
My time here has given me perspective to reflect on the past six weeks.  I’ll be able to look at my “conference” pictures and remember each educator I met – whether presenter, peer, or conference organizer and probably think that all these people that I met while in Las Vegas may have changed my professional life.  Unfortunately, many of these people I may not see again – unless I come back next year.  I know I will miss them. 

Saying goodbye can be sad. But I hope it means that people have made an impact on me.   
So with that, it’s time to say farewell, good old USA. I’ll always remember my time in Las Vegas with fondness.

 Here are some more pictures to share with you until I get home and post about what I learned!
Kim Jordano presenting on jazzing up your journals

Bloggers Meet & Greet

John & Amy from TpT


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