Sunday, October 1, 2023

Looking for Fresh Ideas?

October is such a great month and I have picked a couple of exciting activities to make this fall extra special.  Our students are settling down to routines and procedures, which means that you can plan some fun activities and embrace this glorious month. 

Some students love measuring pumpkins and counting the seeds in apples. But some students love learning about spooky things. You can combine this love of spooky things with learning about animals. Students will enjoy learning about animals and if you introduce them into the activities the interest in the tasks soars. The October animals are unique and even spooky. Bats and spiders might be scary but they are also fascinating creatures that provide inspiration for research, story writing and drawing. 

Make sure that your students learn all the drawing tricks so that they can decorate their work and your classroom with spooky animals, witches, ghosts, and haunted houses. Designing a haunted house is one of the most popular Halloween activities. Students develop several important skills apart from having lots of fun when they plan and decide how to build a haunted house. There are two different templates to choose from so it is easy to differentiate the learning. 

Get your students excited about reading and writing using a Write the Room activity. The included mini word wall can be used during writing and reading. The word wall contains an array of useful words for October's spooky classroom.  

Have a thrilling, creative and fun October! 

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