Monday, September 11, 2023


Stormy skies, sunny and windy! Adults love talking about the weather so giving your students the words to describe all kinds of weather is a great way to include kids in adult conversations. Helping kids to observe the mix of events that happens each day outside the classroom is a nice start to the day. The weather can quickly change and observing these changes for just a minute or two will help your students to increase their weather related vocabulary and also develop an understanding of the science behind these changes.

You can include weather words and activities throughout the year. Weather is different in different parts of the country and the world. A fantastic chance to include a bit of geography into the daily weather observations. You can make a weather journal where kids draw or describe the daily weather. Use the How to Draw Weather resource to inspire your kids to draw. They can also use their drawing skills when working on the Weather Fact Booklet.  This booklet is filled with interesting facts. Your students can fill the booklet with their own findings and decorate the pages with their  drawings. There are also plenty of pages for coloring in. 

Use weather themed BOOM™ cards to further support the learning. These digital task cards give your kids visually engaging and interactive learning.  You can alternate the individual learning session with math or reading cards. Digital cards are also great for center work. Celebrate the changes in weather with some happy learning! 

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