Friday, January 8, 2016

Wacky Winter

From flooding, tornadoes, rain, snow and mild temperatures, the weather this winter has been all over the place! We hope you and your loved ones have all been safe and warm as we begin another New Year.

In our part of Germany, we have had mild temperatures and lots of rain. Since we have not had typical winter weather, we have had to go a little wacky with technology to help our students understand more about the season of winter. We have done talking snowmen with Chatterpix, writing with QR codes, labeling with Pic Collage and using Thinglink and Skitch. We even made our own snow!
Allows us to focus and get the class ready to learn!

Pic Collage:
Was used for creating a learning poster and did a labeling activity using Skitch

 Skitch was used for labeling


QR Codes:

Thinglink allows you to take an image and insert videos, books, links….



Creative Winter Animal Snacks:

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