Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Travel Destination: Netherlands


Say cheese please. And we are not talking about smiling; we are talking about the delicious cheese made in the Netherlands!

The color of gray has dominated our days lately, so we decided to “travel” to one of our favorite countries to explore its beautiful colors. The study of the tulips, the art, the bike paths, and the foods of the Netherlands has definitely brightened our days.
We have looked at the many windmills found in the Netherlands and learned about what they have been used for.
We think it is very cool that many people ride bikes instead of driving in cars. 
The brilliant colors of the tulips in Keukenhof and the art works of Van Gogh and Rembrandt have encouraged us to use ALL the colors in our crayon box.



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The Netherlands is absolutely a country you want to put on your travel destinations of Europe!

If you love any art by our auntie, Ms. G, check out her photos of Europe!

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