Sunday, September 29, 2013

Deployment Anxieties

Have you ever been slapped back into reality by one of your students? Well it happened to us this week.

Amongst the beginning of the year chaos of getting routines established, finding a groove that works for this year’s class, beginning of the year paperwork, meetings and life itself, some of our student’s parents returned from being deployed for three to six months. (Deployment is a necessary part of working on a military base. When a parent is deployed he/she is sent to a location where a military presence is needed for several months or longer.) Having a parent return is a happy time but also requires some adjustment within the family and as teachers we are well aware of this. But with the beginning of the year madness, we forgot to look at having mommy and daddy come back through the eyes of a four/five year old. One child in particular was doing fine during the school day, but was not sleeping at night. His mother was able to figure out that her son was terrified that he would wake up and find that his daddy was gone again. Can you imagine the anxiety that child was feeling? It breaks our hearts to know that young children have to experience these types of anxieties or worse in classrooms all over the world. BUT it was a crucial reminder that the ABC’s and 123’s is just a portion of a child’s development. We as teachers need to focus on the emotional development of a child just as well. A hug, an encouraging word or some one-on-one time just to talk can go a long way in helping a child through a difficult time. And not just children, adults need some TLC too!
These books are great for anyone who has had to say good bye. You can find them at
And I’ve linked to a freebie “Hug” from my Salute to the Military Kids product.


Have a great week!


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