Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fest Time is Here!

Many of you have heard of the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany, but during the months of September and October, fests are held all over Germany. From beer fests and wine fests to jousting and pig fests; whatever can be celebrated is!

Why not celebrate a theme in your room by having your own fest? Apples, pumpkins, trees, or whatever you can think of can become a fest in your classroom. Giving your usual theme a “fest” feel can add a little spark to the activities you already do. Have fun!!!
These are pictures of some of the apple activities we did and will end with a Johnny Appleseed Fest with all the other kindergarten classes and enjoy a taste of our applesauce, apple cider..  Click here if you would like a free copy.

 When we go to a fest, it usually involves choosing a beverage, beer or wine. And sometimes this is a difficult choice! What about the children in your classroom, do they have the opportunity to make a choice of what type of milk they would like to drink for lunch? Our pre-k and kindergarten teachers are faced with this decision at the beginning of each year. Do we give them the choice to drink white or chocolate milk or do we just let them drink white milk. What do you think?

Should pre-k and k be given a choice to drink white or chocolate milk?

Our next challenge is to get them to eat their fruit. They are always provided with a piece of fruit if they are buying a hot lunch. This is where these little coupons will come in! We will be passing these out to each child who eats his/her fruit! Click here for your free copy! 


Auf Weidersehen!

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