Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh, It's Time to Say Good-bye to Our Friends!

This is our last week of school! And in some ways I am sad to see my students go but I am so ready for a slower pace of life.  This year has been a challenge with so many changes but I’m sure that happens everywhere and we are certainly no exception.  Uncertainties await us in the fall and if anyone can adapt it’s our military families and kids.

We have our Animal Safari and Migration to look forward to and busy signing each other’s yearbooks.  To make it easier on our kindergarten kids, I simply have them write their name on this form, copy it and insert it into their books.  It makes it so much easier and less confusing for them. Grab it here if you’d like a copy!


Last Friday, we spent the time discussing our summer plans and sharing where we’ll be for the entire summer.  (We’re still on the original summer break of 10 weeks with the exception of our NATO schools – they are on a European schedule). After reading books about summer, we wrote about our summer plans.  (Grab copy here if you’d like).  Here are some final products. 

In the next few weeks, I plan to share some of my summer adventures, traveling through some of the southwestern states to get to the I Teach Kindergarten Conference in Las  Vegas!  You may wonder – what’s exciting about this??  For me it will be such a joy and pleasure to see the sun, drive through Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nevada… such different terrain than what I see here in Germany.  Also, it means so much to me to be able to meet stateside teachers and be able to share and pick their brains for ideas!  They are so creative and seem to love what they’re doing!  So, yes! I am so ready for a warm and friendly summer experience.  If you are headed to the “I Teach K” conference, please email me:!  Would love to hook up with as many teachers while I’m there!



On a sad note, heavy rains has left the rivers overflowing and causing a lot of flooding in central Europe including Germany. 


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