Saturday, July 1, 2023

July 2023 Products

July is a hot summer month, perfect for fun and educational themed patriotic activities. Kids want to get creative and learn how to draw things like patriotic ribbons, the USA flag, and the White House. An activity that encourages kids to move around is always great for those warm summer’s day when everyone is a bit tired. Moving around the classroom room, or outside, to read and write messages is a great way to learn more about our country. Kids will love learning while practicing motor skills and burn some energy.

Revising math and literacy skills by using a color by code booklet is a great way to inspire a love for learning. The booklet can be used to revise numbers and literacy skills. Also, it is perfect for just coloring. Coloring is a great summer school activity where kids will in an easy way work on their concentration and focus skills. The boundaries on the figures will also be a great help when they later learn to write.

Use the popular fact booklet with a patriotic theme to support the learning about the holiday of Independence Day. Included are craft activities and materials that you can use in the summer school to explore the history and meaning behind this holiday. 
Make a stunning summer school display of your kid’s work. Check out my bundle where you find all these resources at a reduced price. Letting kids choose between a variety of activities is a great way to celebrate patriotism in style. Why not make July extra special by adding some healthy cooking activities? Make a flag by using apples, blueberries and strawberries. Enjoy the summer! 

All products can be found in my store.

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