Thursday, June 1, 2023

June 2023 Products

Crabs, seahorses or dolphins! Bring the beach to the June classroom. A project about ocean animals is a great way to ensure something magical happens in the classroom. Learning about ocean animals sparks a sense of wonder for the natural world. Grab a bundle and give your kids a chance to explore their favorite ocean animals. Included in this easy-to-use Fact Booklet bundle is also a how-to-draw booklet. A perfect way to celebrate our oceans and the animals that call it their home. If you want to include the moon in the ocean animals project, let kids draw how our plant looks from the Moon. This is a perfect way to demonstrate the importance of our oceans. 

Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated in Mexico by a race called Carrera Día del Padre or Father's Day race?  Kids can take part and run the 13-mile race alongside their dads. In Nepal, kids often give sweets as presents while in Germany it is common that kids fathers go away in groups together with other fathers on hiking trips. Let your kids explore how the tradition started in the US and use a Fact Booklet to draw and write about the celebrations of father figures. Many kids grow up without a father so it is important to figure out if there is another person in their lives that is a father figure. Kids can write about and make a gift for an uncle, brother, grandfather or another important ‘father figure’. Directed drawing activities are a simple and engaging way to make a special gift. Every drawing is a masterpiece! 

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th in the US. This day provides a chance for kids to explore the history of our flag. Celebrate this day and read books about the history behind the “Stars and Stripes”. Did you know that the flag has been modified 26 times? This fact will teach kids several important things about our history as well as our flag. Learning about how to fold the flag is a great practical activity that raises awareness of the importance of our flag.  You can even add a trip to the moon in projects about Flag Day. Neil Armstrong planted a flag on the moon but several other Apollo Missions have also planted a flag. Today only five of the six planted US flags on the moon are still standing. A great conversation starter. 

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