Saturday, October 1, 2022

October 2022 Products

Have you noticed what makes Halloween spooky? Creepy night animals! Many of our Halloween symbols are night animals like bats and owls! Learning how to draw night animals as well as ghosts, haunted houses, witches and Frankenstein is a valuable skill. Students will enthrall visitors to your classroom if you display the decorated stories after a short session of How to Draw Halloween!

October is such an exciting month! Many things are happening in the classroom.  Write the Room Halloween is a movement-based activity that also is a fantastic opportunity for learning vocabulary. Perfect for literacy centers. You’ll be amazed at the Halloween stories that your students will write using the words they just learned while moving around the classroom. 

You might have heard the expression “Design is the Future”. There are TED talks about the topic, people are writing books about it, and innovation consultancies like IDEO are investing in it. Preparing your students for the modern world while at the same time introducing them to engaging and fun design challenges can start at an early age. Creating a spooky house is easy, all you need is crayons, scissors and glue! An engaging activity where students will have the opportunity to plan and design a haunted house. Imaging what visitors will think of their haunted house stretches and challenges students’ imagination. 
It is easy to select educational and engaging Halloween resources. Help your students get hands-on, boost their confidence and have fun! 

Other fun October products may be found in my store! 

Have a Spooktacular October!

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