Sunday, July 17, 2022

How to create a relaxed summer atmosphere in your classroom 

This July create oceans of fun activities while learning about the beach and ocean animals. From sensory activities to art, literacy, math and science, your kids will have an amazing time while learning about animals like whales, crabs and seahorses. The oceans are mysterious places filled with all kinds of cute as well as bizarre life forms. 

Sunshine, sea and beach are warm and welcoming, which is precisely the vibe you want to create in your summer classroom. Kids love learning about ocean-dwelling animals and it is simple to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere by using natural materials like sand and shells (make sure that you check the laws related to taking shells and sand from the beach, it is often fine to take broken shells). 
Use simple but engaging crafts to take your kids on an amazing educational sea adventure. You can use an old water bottle to create a mini-aquarium. Bring the little ocean into life by adding sand, shells and plastic sea creatures. 

July is a perfect month to inspire kids to read. Selecting the best ocean animal books is a real treat. Ocean animals feature in many cool sea adventures. Why not create a special beach-inspired reading nook with fun & fascinating books? A reading nook can have a simple nautical theme or be filled with real palm trees, straw umbrellas and paper lanterns in pastel color. Many ocean animals are big and the reading nook can have giant jellyfish or other giant ocean animals that kids have drawn. Drawing and coloring is a fantastic way to help your kids build fine motor skills. Labelling the animals is a great way to build writing skills.

If you live near a beach or visiting one, take the opportunity to walk along the shore and explore the beach and the ocean together. Learning about what lurks in the deep waters is a perfect theme that you can easily explore for a long time this summer with engaging and hands-on activities. 

Here are some summer resources that can support the learning!  All products can be found in my

Happy Summer!

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