Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022 Products

Spring is knocking on the classroom door! From rainbows to healthy eating and remarkable women, you’ll find exciting resources in my TpT shop that will help you plan March in your classroom. It might seem like yesterday that we were coming back from the winter break, and now we are starting to count the days until the Spring break arrives. 

St Patrick’s Day is a holiday that observes the death of the patron saint of Ireland. This March 17th you can celebrate all things Irish in your classroom. St Patrick’s Day began as a religious feast but it is now grown to an international festival where people eat Irish food, take part in parades and dancing. People are wearing green shamrocks and dressing up Irish fairies called leprechauns. The Emerald Island with its rich history makes a fantastic topic for a project. 

The warmer weather might spark another green project. Gardening offers a fantastic opportunity to meet science standards. Growing beans is an easy way to see the progress of each step in the life cycle of beans. Exploring different types of veggies and discussing if you eat the top or bottom can result in a really interesting discussion. Gardening projects can also have a healthy focus and vegetables like carrots can be explored from a healthy eating perspective. 

Celebrate the new life born on the farm with a project.  Farm animals are a great topic that can be expanded to include science and social studies lessons on sustainability and food chains. Drawing is an important form of communication and using directed drawing is a great opportunity to enhance drawing skills. You’ll be amazed by the finished drawing of cows, sheep, pigs and other farm animals.  

Finally,  March is women’s history month. Dedicate this month to reflect on and explore often-overlooked contributions of women to culture, history and society. History is filled with remarkable women from Helen Keller, and Amelia Earhart to Marie Curie and Malala Yusafzai. Read about the exciting life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 2nd woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court!

All resources may be found in my store!

Let your classroom bloom with fresh ideas as you welcome Spring!

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