Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Sweet February 2022 Products

Seasonal topics help you keep the classroom exciting and fresh. February may be a short month, yet, friendship is in the air, teeth are shining bright, and an irresistible little critter is making predictions!

A very important question is when is Spring coming? On the 2nd of February, people ask Punxsutawney Phil if he can see his shadow? Will Spring come early or late? Your kids will be delighted when you give them a fact booklet to celebrate Groundhog Day. Researching this fascinating animal is a lovely way to develop reading, writing and drawing skills. 

February is Dental Health Month and encouraging kids to learn about dental hygiene can put a big healthy smile on kids’ faces. Your kids will be eager to learn about how to brush their teeth once they have been told about plaque. Keep kids busy by making paper teeth, drawing tooth fairies and other craftivities.
In the classroom, Valentine’s Day is all about kindness and friendship. Your classroom will look stunning when you display kids Valentine crafts and drawings. Creating animals out of hearts is a fun activity and hearty animal crafts make a lovely gift.

President’s Day is a wonderful chance to honor all our presidents and to teach kids about their lives and remarkable achievements. Research the accomplishments of our first president George Washington, and great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Black History Month offers a chance to explore the rich history and cultures of Africa and African-Americans. Open your kids’ eyes to the achievements made by Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, and Frederick Douglass. 

February offers so many possibilities for themes that it can be challenging to know where to begin. Let us know how you make the most of this month in your classroom. 

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