Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thankful Sale!

Guess What? Every single resource in my store will be 20% off!  Awesome, right?!  It gets even better. If you use the promo code CYBER21, TPT will give you an additional 5% off! That is a total of 25% off of all resources, including bundles. This amazing offer will only be available Monday Nov. 29 and Tuesday, Nov. 30.  
You need to be quick. So how about getting your cart ready now?  

Not sure where to start?  Here are five of my newest resources: 

Designing an Animal Habitat:
What better way to learn about the places animals live than this creative Designing Animal Habitats project. Pick up this hands-on resource now and watch students sort animals according to where they live. Students discover about the diversity of life on Earth and how animals make their homes in a variety of habitats across the globe - from the grassland to the desert and the rainforest. Exploring different habitats are the perfect way to make science interactive, engaging & fun! 

Designing a Community Helper's Office - Dentist and Doctor:
Your students will love designing a dentist or doctor's office. Design challenges provide a wonderful learning opportunity where students build and adjust plans to fit the community helpers' offices. A great way to gain a deeper understanding of what tools and equipment doctors and dentists need. Students will explore the work carried out by community helpers by mixing art and literacy.
This resource will allow you to create a doctor and dentist office. As you build your offices, you will have the opportunity to sort items according to what is found in each office.

Designing a Healthy Grocery Store
What if you could design your own grocery store? Pick up this engaging resource now and watch your students explore healthy eating. Grocery shopping is an important life skill and the finished project together with short writing sample is a lovely prompt for classroom discussions. This mini-project has two differentiated levels so you can be sure that all your students can enjoy the challenge of exploring healthy eating. 

4 Designing and Decorating Homes for the Holiday:  
Are you looking for an educational Christmas resource that combines art and writing? Included in this resource are materials that allow your students to design and decorate a home for the holidays. There is nothing quite like bringing the festive spirit to your home and neighborhood, and this resource will save you hours of preparation and reduce your workload during this exciting and busy time of the year. The decorating possibilities are endless, and you can rest assured that your students will be fully engaged. Grab this wonderful resource for the holiday season now!

Community Helper Activity Bundle - Dentist and Doctor    Are you planning a community helper's theme and looking for inspiration? This bundle is of great value and it contains fun and engaging materials to make this a memorable theme. Using this resource can save you hours of work time and it has everything you need to cover the work carried out by doctors and dentists. Your students will have great opportunities to practice their skills when they design offices. A great way to mix, health, art, and understanding about community helpers.  This bundle includes the following resources:
Dentist Fact Booklet, Doctor Fact Booklet, and 
Designing a Community Helper's Office - Dentist and Doctor.

 I hope this helps you to get your cart ready for the big sale! Let me know if you have questions. Click HERE to head to my store.

November is here and ready to race. Themed
learning in November can get quite expensive; therefore our group will be sponsoring a giveaway.  Winner will have a choice of: $200 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card OR $200 Amazon Gift Card. The giveaway starts on November 24th and ends on December 1. Simply enter here: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/c396cb38516/   Enjoy and be thankful! 

Thank you!

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