Friday, July 16, 2021

2021 Summer Olympic Games

Finally! The long-awaited Tokyo Summer Olympics are scheduled to kick off on  July 23 after delaying the games by a year due to the pandemic.  We will be seeing many changes – one being that there will be no spectators to watch and support the athletes. 

The “show will go on” and the public will rely on television to watch their favorite athletes.  In the meantime, check out the following resources about the summer and winter games!  Enjoy!

Get kids excited about the games! Fact booklets are designed to support kids’ reading and writing development. Kids will love learning about the Summer and Winter Games!
This non-fiction book on the summer and winter games is a great resource to use for doing a research project on the games with your pre-k/kindergarten class. This booklet is also appropriate for struggling readers in first grade, too.
Included in this product is a black and white informational book about the games, a worksheet for note-taking and the research form to be filled out by the child.

Everyone is a winner! Students are excited about the Summer and Winter Games so they will need little encouragement to start creating. Packed with a wide range of activities from designing a stamp or medal to writing a letter to your Olympic sporting hero!
Are you ready for another year of summer and winter games? This is the ideal classroom product to help you bring the games into the classroom. This product contains the following activities:
Vocabulary picture cards that can be used for write the room activity or display in your teaching area. It also includes sorting sentences, writing prompts, design a stamp, self directed drawings, create a crown, candy bar wrapper, certificate, design a shirt, medal and write about your favorite hero.
This How to Draw Summer and Winter Games– A Directed Drawing Activity is a set of drawing and writing activities. Directed drawing process is a great activity for young learners besides drawing and writing. Students can also strengthen fine motor skills, practice following directions and listening skills. Students will have so much fun drawing and gaining self-confidence in their drawing ability!
This product includes 3 levels of writing for the following Summer and Winter Games drawings: medal, trophy, podium, torch, hammer, discus, high jump, curling stone, bobsleigh, luge, weights, game symbol, and hurdle.

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