Sunday, April 18, 2021

Earth Day 2021

Living Green is a concept which has been around since the middle ages, yet humans still have not mastered the practice. By teaching children small changes in their daily lives, over time, big changes can be seen. We can teach even our youngest children to turn out the lights, throw away their trash, reuse cups, re-wear pajamas, and appreciate the outdoors. 

Kids can draw on both sides of a piece of paper, turn off water when brushing their teeth, unplug an unused lamp, pick up trash in the park, recycle bottles and other plastics or donate toys and clothing.

 What a fun project it would be to teach composting to students with leftover lunch food and then grow their own vegetables or fruit with the compost. Living green is a lifestyle often taught by modeling.

Changing habits to a green lifestyle can be difficult and a slow change but with inspired children anything is possible.

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