Friday, February 26, 2021

Encourage Kindness

If you work in education you have probably heard something similar to: What is it with kids these days - they don’t know how to show respect. Somewhere along the path many of our school aged generation has lost touch with the notion of “respect your elders” let alone respect the person sitting next to you simply because they are a person.

 Our society needs to place importance on bringing respect and kindness back into the lives of our children. It starts at home, modeling kindness and respect in your relationships and expecting the same in return and of children should be a parent’s ambition. 

The same can happen within our schools, as teachers we must model respect for others at all levels, show kindness in our acts, and encourage this amongst our students. We should expect and demand the same of our society, and when it is out of our control to shield our children from the realities of the world - we must teach them right from wrong, talk about what different decisions could be made, and the impact the varied decisions could have on one another. 

Respect and kindness is not lost among our children, it only needs to be shown and encouraged more often than not to our children. 

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