Sunday, March 1, 2020

2020 March

Can you believe the madness of March is here? It’s the season for crazy fun in the classroom! Teaching during this time of year can be busy, stressful,  and very exhausting so I have several  fun and engaging products that  can get you through this hectic teaching time!  Check out this month's resources for getting through March Madness!

What if you catch a Leprechaun? Students get very excited by the idea of a leprechaun showing them where they have hidden the pot of gold. Explore the wonderful and rich Irish traditions behind St. Patrick’s Day by using this fact booklet.

Fun color-by code pages that are made especially for St. Patrick’s Day. The pages can be used for coloring to make a colorful display in the classroom. Or a lovely gift to send home.

Your students will love following the step-by-step guide creating St. Patrick’s Day inspired drawings. Directed drawing is a wonderful way to boost students’ confidence while having fun. A perfect way to integrate writing and drawing.

The Emerald Island, Ireland, makes a wonderful research topic. Students will feel inspired by the country’s rich history and the fact booklet is suitable for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations as well as other Spring-inspired units.

Looking for an exciting fact booklet for Women’s History month ?  Check these out!

Your students will love every minute of your Farm Animal unit when using these fact booklet. These  are magnificent and interesting creatures.  Check them out! 

AND why not start hitting your science units with these fact booklets?  

Imagine living in a castle! Students love learning about castles and there are so many things to be excited about when you integrate castles, writing, counting and shapes. The activities in this resource will create an enthusiastic atmosphere in your classroom.

Explore one of our most popular veggies — the colorful and tasty carrot. In this pack, you will find tons of engaging activities to extend students learning from sequencing and sorting to patterns and adorable carrot crafts.

Imaginations soar in the classroom when students are creating. Smart Art contains a wide variety of fun and creative activities with an art theme!

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