Saturday, February 1, 2020

2020 February Sweet Products!

February! What a great month this is with so Many FUN Holidays to CELEBRATE!  This month I have so many resources to share! Are you ready? 

Are you looking for a February Special Days activity? Inspire your students to explore the fascinating groundhog. Will the groundhog see the shadow or not on February 2nd?

For Black History Month, you can explore the life of some of the most well-known  personalities in our history. This Black History resource help students reflect on the interesting journeys of the following:

President’s Day is celebrated in honor of those who served in the highest office of out country. Help your students to get ready  for learning about our presidents’ interesting lives.

Looking for some activities to do with Kindergarten and Pre-K students during Valentine’s Day to keep them focused?

Explore the importance of dental health. Help students brush up their knowledge about how to care for their teeth. Perfect activities for February Special Days.

Here are a few more to enjoy!

All products may be found in my store!

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