Friday, September 13, 2019

Character Counts More Than Ever!

It's amazing how much falls on a teachers' shoulders. Not only are they handed the smallest of tasks like educating your child and keeping them safe. They're also given the responsibility of promoting good character. No wonder teachers are so tired and in need of a break! There are two avenues to teaching students about character. One is by example and the second is through planned actions and

So, what are the characters you want to instill in your child? The basics come to mind, like, trustworthiness, loyalty, responsibility, respect, courage, caring and the list goes on. There are so many ways to focus on these great character traits and what's even better is to get the kids involved. At home and in the classroom, ask your children what they think are good and wholesome character qualities and make a list. From that list, each week or month, make it the focal point where they are actively looking for ways to display courage, politeness, integrity and so on. You can even get involved! Every night at dinner or for ten minutes at the beginning of the class, discuss ways you have worked on this character trait and let them give examples of ways they have been working it as well. 

Everyone has a role model and kids will find one whether an adult helps or not. Take this opportunity to enforce a proper role model to them and show them why these people deserve their admiration. Make the search for a role model fun! Find out the traits the child thinks are important and have them search and find a role model that exhibits those traits. You could even have them put on a play of mimicking their new role model!

It may not be a very popular saying but it's a good one nonetheless. "Character is built with helping hands." Getting kids off the TV, away from computers and putting the cell phone down and getting out is so important! Introduce kids to volunteering and watch them cultivate an amazing character. With volunteering, kids will be able to understand that there is a bigger world outside of their own. They will be able to see that there are people and animals out there that are less fortunate and even more fortunate than they are right now. Volunteering will open their eyes to the fact that this world needs more helping hands that come from a child with good character. 

There are so many excellent ways to show and grow good character in children. The main point is that we lead by example and we never stop focusing on their character as a child because this will be their driving force as an adult.

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