Friday, April 12, 2019


America is often referred to as "Melting Pot", meaning, there are so many people of different races, religions, cultures, backgrounds, heritage, beliefs and opinions. It's truly an amazing thing to think about in comparison to other countries where you may only have a few differences in the population. But in America, the differences are incredible! In this aspect, the differences are seen as Diversity.

Diversity is an important thing to have so that everyone can learn to love and respect their neighbor. It is also a hard thing for some people to accept. Having different color hair, different color skin, different religious beliefs and different cultures can be messy; we've seen that in our history and unfortunately, we see issues today. It is so incredibly important to teach kids to grow up in a world where they don't have to agree with someone to respect them or to protect them. It's everyone’s right to believe what they believe as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else’s right.  With diversity this is a must to have a happy and peaceful life.

Diversity in America and in the world can cause wars and injustice. It's up to us to show our children and to raise them where we protect each other in their diversity. We wouldn't be our great nation without our differences. Our differences, our DIVERSITY is what makes us great! Diversity can be celebrated in so many ways. Learning all you can about another person's heritage, beliefs and culture will open your eyes to a beautiful way of life that should be celebrated. Find ways to have your kids celebrate diversity with another culture's cuisine, research and understanding of another's religion and how it's similar or different from your own, or even finding a local festival where it celebrates ones culture. The learning situations are limitless and the love and respect for diversity will last forever! April 11th is Diversity Day, how will you celebrate diversity?


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