Saturday, August 25, 2018

Linking Language Concepts to Math

As a teacher with many years of experience, it became very apparent how important it was for children to have a strong understanding of language concepts. Solving word problems,  listening skills, following instructions, understanding and using mathematical vocabulary require a language proficiency. We tend to think of mathematics as a subject that does not require a strong command of language. In reality, however, mathematical reasoning and problem solving are closely linked to language.

These challenging task cards are designed to review language concepts such as top, middle, bottom, left, right, over, under, in front, and behind. The teaching and reinforcing of these concepts not only strengthen language skills but will also gain a stronger understanding of math concepts. The activities are also geared to improve students listening skills by listening to clues and following multi-step directions. These concepts are listed in the Common Core Language Standards for both Kindergarten and First grade. The activities can be used as a morning warm up, seat work during language time, warm-up to math activities, or at the end of the day. Linking cubes will be required to use for the activities or the students may color and cut the cubes that are included. Response sheets, journal prompts, and answer key included. 

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