Monday, January 1, 2018

2018, Off to a Great Start!

Happy New Year!  With the start of the new year – setting new year’s resolutions comes with the territory!  Getting kindergarten children to understand what New Years is all about is a challenge! But it’s also difficult to get them to understand the concept of a resolution AND setting goals for a new year. Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution written by Pat Miller is a very simple story that explains the concept. This fictional story does a very good job explaining how setting goals is for the better of an individual!  If you are more into nonfiction then check out my New Year’s Fact Booklet that describes New Year’s Day into simply language that a young child can read and understand.  AND- to add some fun – why not add a digital timer to your New Year’s Day centers!   I hope you enjoy these products!

New Year's Day Pinterest Board

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