Monday, October 2, 2017

Digging up Dinosaurs PBL!

What is Project Based Learning? In pre-k and kindergarten it is a systematic and fun way to engage young students in a curriculum based study by focusing on a meaningful question or questions. Using the focus question(s) as a framework, students explore real world problems through research, discussions, and creative thinking. Students work in small groups on a selected topic of study based on the focus question(s). Students are then given the time and opportunity to engage in activities for in-depth learning. With the guidance of an adult facilitator, the groups complete research and activities and culminate their findings through a project and/or presentation to share with the rest of the class.
 Find out what the children came up with!
Set the Stage with a Voki!  

Dinosaurs are a high interest topic with plenty of activities available to keep students focused. We have included some activities that we used and can be incorporated in your PBL study as well.

These are examples of activities used in centers.
Science Activities: 

Arts & Craftivities:  

Literacy Centers:                                             

Math Centers:   

Technology Projects: 
Doodle Buddy App Slides
QR Codes  


Group Projects:    

Collaboration & Reward:                              

Assessments & Rubrics: 

Additional Resources: 

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PBL Dinosaurs 
 Included in the product are also two free fact booklets – on Dinosaurs and Fossils, and instructions on how to create your own ChatterpixVoki, Doodle buddy, and Thinglink digital projects.

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