Thursday, June 4, 2015

The End is Near in Many Ways

Field Day, picnics, last minute study trips, end of the year assessments, wild kids and stressed out teachers mark the ending days of another school year.  It’s both a happy time and a sad time.

It was interesting to hear parents talk about their children’s progress. They were amazed how much more they learned than whatever their expectations may have been.  A shared comment was, “I didn’t learn that until I was in first grade!” Yes, the progress our students have made this year is remarkable. High expectations, developmentally/academically appropriate tasks, routines, and a well-managed classroom are the ingredients for children’s success and no one knows that better than teachers of young children. So hats off to all the early childhood educators for another great year. Enjoy your summer, you have earned it!

So what about our student's thoughts, especially with all the changes that happen at the end of the year? Unfortunately our wonderful principal, Mr. A, will be moving on to a nearby school.  In a classroom discussion about this change, one student asked if the principal would be moving close to a burger place. When asked why he thought that, his response was, "That's what principals do all day!"  Well if he thought that, we decided to find out what other students thought our admin do all day. Here are some of their responses!

The many duties of an awesome admin.!  We’ll miss you Mr. A and happy that Mr. J will be around next year.  Thanks for the warm welcome! J

They’re two amazing administrators who keep our school a-running.

Without their many talents, our functioning grade would be “failing”.

Shoveling snow on playgrounds so children can run and play,

And later monitoring recess helps to ease the teacher’s day.

They cover collaboration classes when teachers meet for discussions,

And help to get kids home on the buses to where they’re rushing.

They lessen the number of meetings that we teachers have to attend,

So that more focus is on the classroom, enhancing learning in the end.

They urge us to leave early when we get the 59-minute rule.

Their thoughtfulness for teachers make the administrators super cool.

They shed their T-shirt attire for any visiting VIPs,

After being encouraged to do so by the boss whom they like to please.

Being with such nice staff makes it a pleasant day for working.

They’re two amazing administrators who keep our school a-running.

I’ll be headed back to good US of A for the summer.  Have a great time, be safe,  and we’ll see you back in September!

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