Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moms and Teachers

Whatever the language or whatever the name, the word Mother (for most of us) brings to mind someone who is caring, affectionate and looking out for our best interests. Hey, that also sounds like teachers too! Well how apropos that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and on Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mothers and teachers are instrumental in helping children develop into the best they can be. And just think how awesome mothers and teachers can be working together! So consider working with your student’s moms (and dads) if you are not already, to give all students the benefit of not one, but TWO or more people who are caring, affectionate, and looking out for the best interests of students.

Thanks to all the wonderful mothers and teachers for everything that you do!

Mother’s Day Art Activities:

Mother’s  Day Books:

Thanks, Parents for the wonderful 
Teacher Appreciation goodies! You rock! :)

Mother’s Day Pinterest Board:
Mother’s Day Product:

   Random Pictures of Germany on a spring day!


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