Friday, April 24, 2015

We Love Bugs!

Whether you are a fan of the insect world or not, you cannot help but get excited about creepy crawlies when looking at them through the eyes of young children. The excitement and interest in bugs, what they do, what they eat and where they live sets the stage for some great learning experiences. Integrating the theme of bugs into sight words, writing, addition and subtraction, research work, living and non-living, research and hands-on projects opens up all kinds of opportunities for young children to highlight the skills they have learned this year. So open up those classroom doors and let the buzzing begin!

Insect Books:

Entomologist Dad  sharing his knowledge about insects:


Children’s Research Work:


Chatterpix App Creations:

Insect iMovies made by the students can be found on Youtube: 

 Insect Pinterest Board:

Insect Products:


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