Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!


Well almost anyways. Our calendar says spring begins on March 20th. Thankfully we have started to feel some “spring” in the air. (Sorry to those who are still dealing with snow and freezing weather!) It has been cold in the mornings, but warmer in the afternoon. We have even seen some crocuses beginning to bloom. YAY!

 Our students are also feeling the “spring” in the air and enjoying longer outside play time. They have also been a little crazy inside too! Fortunately, we have been keeping spring excitement somewhat contained by investigating signs of the season of spring through nature walks, books and activities.  We hope some of our ideas will help bring spring to your classroom too!

We also want to share pictures of Ireland in the Spring. Ms. G is our awesome photographer who has the gift of capturing the beauty of Europe. 


Love how the kids moved my books down to accommodate their own masterpieces!



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