Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Start of PBL's in Kinder!

It’s November, the children are getting to be a bit more independent and understand the routines and are now familiar with their school environment.  So now it’s time for the first PBL in Kinder!  I certainly am no expert and like most teachers know – you modify steps to fit your class and make changes.  PBL is still a new concept for me – but I’m currently taking a class to learn more about it – and I’m convinced this is the way to go with our kinder kids. I’m here to  share a bit about my experiences with you.  A PBL starts with a problem or an inquiry where the children take ownership in the solving of the problem.  This is where you modify a bit for kinders.  The Key components of a PBL are: a key question, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, sharing, and integrating technology.  One critical factor to point out when you start out is – you don’t have to cover all of them!  Think small and easy.  The key thing is to get the students excited about learning!  Check this PBL on Native Americans!

Voki:  We introduced the unit with a voki to engage them and get them focused. (click here for Voki instructions) 

Tagxedo would add to your PBL.  You can use it as a WKL activity.  For kinder, I use it as a word splash culminating activity. Click here for a tutorial. 

Native American Books:
The Making of a PBL:
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