Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to School Buys: Thematic Units!

Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum!!

A favorite back to school story I like to do with my kinder is Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  This is a story about a little mouse who believes her long name is perfect for her until she starts school.  She begins to doubt herself when mean spirit classmates make fun of her name for being long and named after a flower.  Activities included  labeling, graphing  your name, bullying traits, name activities and much, much more!

Castle Creations!

I use this resource as a culminating activity for a unit on teaching  basic facts about castles.  This product will reinforce your social studies lesson on castles., fairy tales, or shapes.  Included:  foldable activity “If I lived in a castle, I would…., color word activity, create a castle using colorful shapes, knight and princess headbands, design  a flag, and design a family shield or a me shield.  Pictures of castle art work made by my students is also included.

A House is a Home for Everyone!

Tired of the same teaching themes and you want a change?  After coming across the book A House is a House for Me  by Mary Ann Hoberman, (which I fell in love with), I decided to do a unit on  Homes (and Family) in lieu of The Gingerbread Man in December.   The potential of the use of a “Home” theme is incredible and limitless and still reinforces remediation skills that some children still need. This is an important concept to me because of my own experiences of teaching so far away from family. A high degree of mobility is demanded of our students. Our children  move around the world, acclimating themselves to new cultures, new friends, new homes and new surroundings. Therefore a home is such a precious concept.

In this unit you will find math and literacy activities, an emergent reader and take home ideas for family projects. 


This spring product includes  carrot activities that will allow students to have fun and appreciate one of the most popular veggies we have!  It includes templates for:  a sequencing activity, a carrot craft, sorting activity, garden of patterns, and more! All the templates come with pictures of what finished products may look like. Templates my be run off in any color or in white so the children can color before gluing and cutting. Activities included: 
Carrot life cycle, carrot thinking map, reading activity, carrot craft, color words, sorting veggies and fruits and patterning activity.  

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