Friday, May 2, 2014

May Mayhem!

March Madness is nothing compared to May Mayhem! Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, retirement parties, end-of-the –year activities, final assessments, and just the general craziness of the end of the year! This is the time of the year we all need that extra push to make it to the end. J So, take a deep breath and smile. Here are some fun facts about upcoming celebrations in May.

May Day (German holiday): The first of May in Germany is what we celebrate as Labor Day in September. The first of May also celebrates the welcoming of spring. Many villages put up maypoles to celebrate and usually the whole village joins in the raising of the maypole and the celebration afterwards. The night between April 30th and May 1st is called witches night.

Cinco de Mayo: This holiday celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862. It is celebrated on a bigger scale in the United States than in Mexico with lots of traditional fiestas!

Mother’s Day: Not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day, but Germany and the United States are two countries that celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day.  Anna Jarvis is considered the originator of Mother’s Day, but later regretted the fact that Mother’s Day became a national holiday because of all the commercialism. (Isn’t that the truth!) But we definitely want to remember our mother’s and all they do for us. So look to see what we did to let our mother’s know how much we love them!

Pixie 3 + Educreations=Fun Tech Tools!

(check it out)

Tagxedo Word Splash:
The students brainstormed and came up with many words to describe their mothers and developed a word splash using Tagxedo!

Simplebooklet of Love!

More Mamma Love Activities!

A Simple but Beautiful Tribute to Our Moms!
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ChatterPix for Kids:
This new iPAD App allows your students' drawings to talk! Check it out!

Kindness Books on Mother’s Day:
You can't go wrong on any of these choices! Love all of them - but then who doesn't love and appreciate a book about a special person in our lives!

Disney Mothers – A Mother’s Love Video

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