Friday, February 21, 2014

Yikes! 100 Days of School Already?

Yikes! It's the 100th day of school? Time flies when you are having fun, and yes we are having FUN! Each day working with young children brings at least one moment of joy to our lives and we are already at 100 days of those moments and memories. J But how do you help young children understand the concept of 100? I am sure most of us have had our age guessed as 100 years old at one time or another (not quite there yet!) and children know 100 is a lot. So here are some fun activities we did to celebrate 100 days of school that helped children begin to appreciate how much 100 is.
A group photo to add to their portfolios:
       Preparing a "100" snack!    
 How many rolls does it take to get to 100?

100 Item Share: 
 Aging Booth fun!
100 Days t-shirts!
100 Day Self-portraits.  
100 day counting crowns! 
Kindness Counts!
What a powerful message for young children to learn! This week our Pre-K class found out about a young boy who is very sick and may need a heart transplant. Although the children didn’t get the full gist of his illness, they wanted to make him feel better, so they made him a book of happy thoughts.

  Kindness book of the week: The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Although this book is above a kindergartener’s ability level – I highly recommend it as a chapter read aloud book that can be simplified as the teacher reads to the class! . It is the story of a poor girl's way of coping with her poverty and the constant teasing she gets from other girls at her school. The other girls are very materialistic and judge others by their clothing. One of the girls feels pretty bad about the teasing and harassing of the little girl, but she doesn't come forward because she doesn't want to lose her own social standing in the group. What I love about this book the most is that it is an excellent opportunity for adults to talk with children about the damage caused by teasing and singling others out.

100 Day Freebie:

My 100 day product:

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And one more smilebox of art work! Who doesn't appreciate work created by children! 

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I’m off to the beauty salon! Have a wonderful week! 

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