Sunday, January 26, 2014

Data Binders, Boards and More!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe, warm and cozy from all that severe weather in the states (we call it CONUS)!  As for us, we had a dusting of snow but trying to stay warm and cozy myself as I sit by my fireplace in my unsunny (don’t get a lot of sun) winter room! Assessments are done and now I’m finishing up report cards and updating my data binder.  Tracking data to show evidence of growth is something we are all asked to do no matter where you teach.  It’s not any different here.  It’s up to us to document and show growth in a way that is meaningful to our students but will also drive further instruction.  Here’s what I do:

I have an Assessment Wall of data boards that show growth in several areas.  For example – a student will add a coconut to add to their coconut tree when they’ve learned to recognize, write and learn the sound of a letter or a bubble gumball to add to their bubble gum machine when they can identify and write a number.  They can also drop a word card into their “There Once Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Word” bag when they identify and write a word.

Also, the students can track their learning by coloring, writing their learning on their data sheets of the data binders.

For part of our hibernation day, we read the story Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.  The forest animals prolong settling down for their winter nap who must tell each other that it’s time to sleep.  Great story for sequencing...and click for a freebie!

Check out the art work that our talented art teacher does with our students!


Kindness Book of the week:  The Kindness Quilt by  Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is a story about a kindness project and Minna can’t decide which one is right for her.  But as she starts to write and draw, a paper quilt picturing acts of kindness begins to take shape.  Check out my kids' quilts and click here for the freebie if you’d like.

Pictures from our hibernation activity:

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A peek at next week:

Would love to hear how you share data with parents, students and principal!  Stay warm and have a great week!


  1. Love the kindness quilt idea!! :) Trying to keep warm here in Indiana. It is so cold... and snowy! We haven't had a "regular" week of school since the FIRST week of December! Ugh! Feeling so far behind!

    1. Hey Holly! Thanks for coming over! Sometimes I feel that I'm virtually so far away from you guys when in fact I'm not! Thanks for keeping in touch! Stay warm and most of all safe! Bad weather can be so treacherous! Are you planning to attend any conferences this summer? :)

  2. Ms G. our art teacher always manages to pull out the best art work out of our kids! And I totally agree! I will miss this fabulous room when I leave Germany! Still feel I'm up in the trees looking down!