Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Beautiful Earth

One of the many advantages of living in Germany is the awareness the majority of German citizens have for our earth and keeping it beautiful.  There are recycling areas in each village for glass products, shoes and clothes.  Recycle pick up happens once a month for plastic and paper products, all types of plastic and paper products.  On a nice day, you can see people outside sweeping the curbs in front of their house and working in their gardens. And the flowers! We are still trying to figure out how their flower boxes and gardens look so good.
We totally agree with this way of thinking and have brought the need for keeping our earth beautiful into our classroom. Our classrooms have areas for recycling and an emphasis is placed on using the most of materials and not wasting them. During spring, we plant flowers to help keep our part of the earth beautiful too.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. Please make a conscious effort to help keep your part of the earth beautiful and help your students realize their help is needed too!

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                We Love Our Earth, Everyday!!!


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