Monday, November 28, 2016

Fun with the Fifties

What better way to celebrate 50 days of school than by celebrating the 50’s. There have been so many changes during our 50 days of school that we decided to look at the many changes that have occurred since the 50’s. It has definitely been a Blast from the Past! 
The majority, if not all, of our students were unfamiliar with many of the items we brought in to share. Do you remember the rotary telephones or typewriters? Our students were amazed by the record player and referred to the vinyl records as CD’s. And the jukebox was an iBox. They really enjoyed looking and working with some of these blasts from the pasts.
The best part though, was the Sock Hop! We slicked back our hair or put it in ponytails. We wore our jeans rolled up and poodle skirts. We tried to blow bubbles (some of us actually did) with bubble gum and we danced to music from the 50’s. We definitely had fun with the fifties!


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